Tips & Precautions in Prague Jewish city

Although we consider Prague to be one of the safest large cities in the world, like every city it also has its problems. There are over 100 million tourists each year in the Czech republic, and there is a small, but thriving industry in ripping tourists off which has not been well controlled by the police or authorities here. Here are a few things to watch out for, so you do not become a victim:

- Be aware of pickpockets, especially on trams and when in large groups of people. Wallets inside of purses, mobile phones and billfolds are usually targeted
- Do not take your passport, flight ticket or large amounts of money out of your hotel. Use the hotel safe
- Take a photocopy of your passport and leave either one credit card or at least the numbers in a safe place
- Don’t change money on the street!!! Wherever you change, ask the exact amount you will receive before handing over your money
- Best is to change with an ATM machine, or American Express which is on the Wenceslas Square and Celetna streets

See taxi warnings in the Transportation page of Jewish Prague

At kosher restaurants you can tip up to 10% of the bill. Normally, a Czech patron would simply round up at most establishments amounting to some 3-7% perhaps. Hotel baggage, 20 Crowns per bag carried is acceptable. Taxis - don’t bother, they probably added it in somehow already. Tour guides - if they are good, we recommend you to tip them accordingly.