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Jewish tours - The Prague Jewish quarter

is one of the most exciting places of Prague. Its rich history which lasts already for almost 1000 years gives you the best image of life of Jews in Europe. There are many possibilities of Jewish Prague walking tours. You can take also bus or individual car Jewish tours. We offer regular Jewish tours on daily basis. These Jewish tours are held every day (except Shabbat). It is cheaper to take regular tour than to have the private tour (individual tour). On the other side if you book private tour (individual tour), you pay more, but you are the master of your time - the tour is organized by your needs and requests (which is not possible in the regular tours, where you are a member of the group). General city Prague tours are also available during the week. You will see all the important sights of the city during the tour, which last for about 3-4 hours. Be ready to walk, as many areas of Prague are closed for transportation. We specialize in the Jewish tour area - tour of Jewish quarter, Kivrei tzadikim in all the eastern Europe.Ask for actual program of regular Jewish tours of Prague. If you would like to book private guide, please let us know.

During all of our Jewish tours the aspects of history are emphasized. Our guides are observant Jews respecting all your religious needs and customs.
There two kinds of tours:
- private tours and individual tours - the tour is organized only for you by your needs and requests
- regular tours - you join a group with other people and the time is organized by the tour guide

Offered tours:
- Jewish Prague tour
- General Prague tour
- Terezin tour
- Carlsbad (Karlovy Vary) tour
- trip to Vienna, Austria
- trip to Dresden, Germany
- special tours - Kivrei tzadikim tours

We are providing both private tours and group tours to the following places:

Jewish Prague tour

Jewish Prague tour includes a visit to the famous more than seven hundred years old Old–New Synagogue and the other shuls today converted into the Jewish Museum displaying the renowned “Precious Legacy” at Jewish Prague. You will also visit the well-known Old Jewish Cemetery with the graves of for example rabbi Yehuda Leib ben Betzalel (the Maharal), rabbi. Avigdor Kara, rabbi Ephraim Shlomo ben Aharon Luntschitz (the Keli Yakar), and rabbi Abraham Reuven ben Hoshke haKohen Katz (the Yalkut Reubeni). In addition to the Jewish Prague sites, you can also order a private (individual) tour to the second cemetery with the graves of r. Yekhezkel ben r. Yehuda haLevi Landau (the Noda Biyehuda) and his family, r. Elazar ben David Fleckeles (the Teshuva meAhava) and r. Shlomo Yehuda Rappoport.

Prague general tour

The general tour of Prague concentrates on the history of the non-Jewish part of Prague, but through the Jewish eyes. You will see the beautiful exteriors of the Prague Castle, houses of the Lesser Town and also a sad story of the Hebrew inscription on the statue of Joshke at the gothic Charles Bridge.


A small Czech fortress town about a hour’s drive from Prague was during the Shoah converted into a concentration camp for Jews from many European countries. You will visit the museum, cemetery and also an example of great courage of the Jews – the secret synagogue.

Carlsbad (Karlovy Vary)

A beautiful world famous spa resort about two hours drive from Prague. Place where in the past the greatest personalities recovered from their illnesses. Many of the big Rabbanim came here, such as the Admor from Munkacs, Admor from Viznitz, r. Mordechai Benneth and many others.

SPECIAL OFFER – Kivrei Tzadikim Tour

You can find more about Kivrei Tzadikim tour here