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Shabbat in Prague

Prague has rich Jewish history and culture. If you come to Prague, you can enjoy great trips and tours, together with Kosher logistic - there are several Kosher restaurants in Prague, active Synagogues and Jewish communities.
We have Shabbat friendly apartments and can arrange hotels in walking distance to Synagogue for reasonable prices, where we can supply you with kosher food.

We have to note, that there is no Eruv in Prague. So, Shabes belt can be quite useful for carying keys from you holiday apartment during Shabbat (if you have apartment from us, we can supply you with one), or to leave your hotel keys at the hotel.

Most probably, you will want to join Old New Synagogue Shabbat services - Mincha starts at Candle lighting time (or when this time is after 8:00pm, then Mincha starts at 8:00pm). Shabbat Shacharit starts at 9:00am and after Shabbat Shacharit is small Kiddush and then Shabbat lunch - e.g. King Solomon or Shalom - both are about 1-3 minutes walking distance.

You can chose one of Prague Kosher restaurants for your Shabbat meals - Shabbat dinner, lunch and Seuda shlishit - for example King Solomon or Shalom kosher restaurant. King Solomon is very nice, luxury restaurant with hi-end meals and Shalom restaurant is eatery for members of Prague Jewish community and is open also to tourists. Prices are cheaper than at King Solomon, but bare in mind, that it is more eatery, than restaurant. If you would like to have great meal, then King Solomon is for you, if you would like to see the locals and want to have lower price, then Shalom is for you.

Prague Jewish quarter is in historic center of Prague, so you can have nice walking tours during your free Shabbat time - you can explore the Jewish city, go to Prague Old Town square, you can have a walk in Prague Old Town, or even to go to Charles bridge and Prague castle.

After you come back from your walk, you can go for Shabbat Mincha and then to have Seuda Shlihit at Prague Jewish community - it is simple Seuda, which is free for Shabbat Mincha participants.

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