Prague Synagogues and times of Services, Tfilot

Prague Shabbat times and Zmanim פראג זמנים

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Prague Synagogues

Old New Synagogue Prague High synagogue Prague Jerusalem Synagogue Prague
Spanish Synagogue Prague

Old New Synagogue - Alt Neu Shul

Address of Old new synagogue and High synagogue in Prague:
corner of Maiselova street and Cervena street, Prague 1

Old New Synagogue belongs to Prague Jewish community and the services are Orthodox, Ashkenaz.
There is local Mynian at Old New Synagogue

Shabbat services of Prague Jewish community are held at Old New Synagogue

Friday Mincha starts at Candle lighting time - see Zmanim here (when Candle lighting time is after 8:00pm, then the Shabbat services start at 8:00pm
There is Kabbalat Shabbat and Maariv after Friday Mincha at Old New Synagogue
Shabbat Shacharit starts at 9:00am at Alt Neu Shul (Old New Synagogue)
Shabbat Mincha time is announced during Friday Maariv and Shabbat Shacharit services

Weekday services at Old New Synagogue:
Midweek Maariv is on 7:30pm at Old New Synagogue

High Synagogue - Hoch Shul

Address of High Synagogue in Prague:
Prague Jewish community building, Maiselova 18, Prague 1

High Synagogue is located in the Jewish community building. The Synagogue is located just oposite to Old New Synagogue, few meters from each other. High Synagogue is used mostly in mid-weeks, as Prague Jewish community has its SHABBAT services at Old New Synagogue.

Midweek (Monday-Friday) Shacharit is on 8:30am
Midweek Mincha (Mon-Thu) at 2:00pm at High Synagogue

Jerusalem Synagogue - Jubilee Synagogue

Address of Jerusalem Synagogue in Prague:
Jeruzalemska 7, Prague 1

Shabbat Shacharit is on 9:00am

Spanish Synagogue

Address of Spanish Synagogue in Prague:
Vezenska 1, Prague 1

Spanish Synagogue is beautiful Synagogue used by Conservative Jewish community Bejt Praha

Kabbalat Shabbat is on 6:00pm
(From November 7:00pm)

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