Prague Jewish Community

Hotels with Kosher service in Jewish quarter, Prague

Kosher apartments in Prague Jewish quarter for tourists

Address of Prague Jewish Community:
Maiselova 18, Prague 1, Old Town - Josefov

Prague Jewish community is the central organization for Prague Jews. Jewish Community of Prague takes care of Jewish sights in Prague and other parts of Czech republic (together with Prague Jewish museum and other organizations).

Prague Jewish Community main Synagogue is the Old New Synagogue, which is used for Shabbat services. There are also other Synagogues, which belongs to the community - e.g. High Synagogue, where you can participate in midweek Services, or Jubilee Synagogue.

The life was quite difficult for local Jews in the communist era, but after the communism, after the "Velvet revolution" - the life became better and more people came back to their roots. The number of member of Prague Jewish community got bigger since the communist era.

Prague Jewish community has own eatery for its members - kosher restaurant Shalom, which is also open for tourist interested in mid-week Kosher lunches (Mon-Fri) and Shabbat meals.

There is also social department of Prague Jewish community, which takes care of the elderly and sick. Prague Jewish community recently opened "Beit Avot" Hagibor.

There are many cultural, educational and sport organizations under Prague Jewish community umbrela. There are usually several cultural programs each week at Prague Jewish community.