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Kosher restaurant King Solomon Kosher restaurant Shalom in Prague

King Solomon kosher restaurant

This is nice, luxurious and fancy kosher restaurant, about 2 minutes walk from the Old-New synagogue.
Address of this kosher restaurant is Siroka 8, Prague 1.
Their prices are quite high, but the food is very good for the Ashkenazi travelers. The Sephardic Jews may experience a little bit confusion with the Ashkenazi taste of food. But anyway, we can say, that it is the best kosher restaurant in Jewish Prague! Forgot the prices and enjoy the food! You are on vacations, do not forget!

Kosher information and level of King Solomon restaurant:
Shochet: rabbi Weiser from Wienna
Meat kashruth level: kosher Le Mehadrin, Chassidishe
Hechsher: rabbi Jerochim
Mashgiach: Tmidi

Prague Jewish community kosher restaurant Shalom

The suggestion is for Shabbat meals or for group reservations. The address is Maiselova 18, Prague 1 and it takes less than 1 minute walk from the Old-New Synagogue. This kosher restaurant is reasonably priced and you can feel the atmosphere of the local Prague Jewish community. Even that the food is of average quality, it is interesting experience.

Kosher information and level of King Solomon restaurant:
Shochet: Jewish community of Prague or King Solomon meat
Meat kashruth level: Glatt kosher
Hechsher: rabbi Karol Ephraim Sidon
Mashgiach: Tmidi