Kosher Shops in Prague פראג כשר

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Prague kosher shops

There is a Kosher shop in Bilkova street, Prague 1. You can get wide range of kosher food there.

There are few kosher things to buy in regular shops. You can find some stuff as: Jelly Belly’s, Kettle chips, Haagen Dasz, Walker’s cookies and crackers, Kellogg’s All bran and bran flakes and Pepperidge Farm cookies and salty snacks at Culinaria Praha Shop, Skorepka 9, Prague 1. The shop is NOT kosher, but they have several products, ALWAYS CHECK THE HECHSHERS ON THE PACKING!!!

You can buy the following products in regular shops and are kosher:

- Cereal bar Corny from Schwartau - Kosher Parve or Diary Chalav akum
- Mentos sweets - all kinds
- Mars, Milky way, Snickers, Twix chocolate bars - all Kosher Chalav akum
- Tic Tac Menta
- Natural Pasteurized Milk in cartons - kosher Chalav akum
- All 100% natural juices - check that they do NOT contain grape juice!
- Haagendasz icecreams - Kosher Chalav akum