Jewish weddings, Bar & Bat mitzvah in Prague

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Jewish Weddings in Prague and Bar Mitzvah

If you are interested to organize Jewish wedding or Bar mitzvah in Prague, you have several options:

The ceremony can be held at:

- Old New synagogue, the synagogue of rabbi Jehuda Low, the oldest still serving synagogue in Europe and probably also all around the world.

Jewish wedding at Old New synagogue in Prague

- Next option can be Spanish synagogue, one of the most beautiful synagogues in Europe. This Prague synagogue is also sometimes used as celebration place.

Jewish wedding at Spanish synagogue in Prague

- You can also use Jerusalemska synagogue, called Jubilee synagogue. It is very nice synagogue, but not in the Jewish quarter. The location is close to Vaclav square, about 15 minutes walk to the Jewish Prague city.

Jubilee or also Jerusalemska synagogue in Prague

- One more possibility is to use the High synagogue, "Hoch schul", which is located in the building of Prague Jewish community and is used for special occasions only.

High synagogue in the building of Jewish community in Prague

You can have the kosher celebration meal at Prague Jewish community Shalom restaurant

Wedding at Prague Jewish community restaurant

or at King Solomon restaurant.

It is also possible to make kosher catering to any of the Prague hotels if you expect bigger event with more than 150 guests.

We can help you with the event organization from the beginning till the End - Accommodation of the guests, finding the right place for your ceremony, cars and limos, the gala reception etc.