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Czech republic, Poland, Hungary, Austria

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Custom Group tours organization

We specialize in organizing Jewish heritage tours in Prague, Czech republic, Warszawa, Krakow, Auschwitz, Poland, Budapest, Hungary and Austria.


We understand, that you need service during whole your trip, so we are always in touch with you to help to solve any unexpected situations, which may occure during your travel time.

We will prepare Itinerary matching your needs and rates
Czech republic, Poland, Hungary, Austria, Germany

  • hotel accommodation with kosher food
  • Shabbat friendly hotels
  • Kosher meals - breakfast, Lunch boxes, Dinner boxes, hot meals at kosher restaurants, kosher caterings
  • Shabbat meals
  • Oneg Shabbat, Kidush, Seudath Shlihit
  • Educational lectures
  • Meetings with Shoa survivors
  • Meetings with local Jewish community
  • Meetings with local Jewish youth organization
  • Bus transportation
  • Jewish tour guides - English and Hebrew speaking
  • Tour guides speaking French, German and Spanish
  • Security service for your groups