About us

Jewish Prague travel

We are the only Czech kosher Travel agency.

Our clients include:
The Israeli embassy in Prague, El-Al, The Chavaya Yisraelit, The Jewish Agency, The Rotchild foundation, Bnei Akiva, Yavne, Kollel, AJ6, FZY, NIFTY, Mizrachi movement, Kenes Tlalim and various travel agencies from all over the world.

Our travel agency is a company with nine years of experience in the field of Jewish incoming tourism to Prague, Czech republic and Central Europe - Slovakia, Germany, Hungary, Poland and Austria.
Our management is composed of observant Jews and therefore we strongly emphasize Jewish aspects of the Jeiwsh history, Chagim and Kashrut.
Our tour guides and tour leaders are native Prague Jews speaking English and Hebrew. The Jewish Prague is one of the most visited places in Czech republic and now you can get kosher accommodation here. We invite you to enjoy our tours in Jewish Prague.